It’s Oscar Time!

Yaaaaay.  It’s Oscar time.  Round the corner from my house the preparations are beginning today, red carpets have gone down, tarps have gone up (can you believe it’s supposed to rain on Sunday …. again ….. when will this rain stop, ever since I posted  about the rains we’ve had at least one good storm a week, which would be fabulous if it wasn’t following bad fires).

Anyway, back to Oscar, so the tarps are up, the carpets are down, the stars are descending upon LA.  Everyone always ask if we see famous people in LA.  The answer would be yes, if you believe lions roam the streets in Johannesburg.  I suppose they are all around, but without 5 hours of hair and make up you would never recognize them.  But this week, Oscar week …. we see them everywhere.  They are made up, they’re here to be seen and recognized.  Restaurants are full, hotels are full, and I dare you to find a limo on Sunday night.  This week is Hollywood glam at its best.

This morning I see that Robin Givens from Good Morning America is about to choose her dress for the red carpet, she is to choose one of three designed by three lucky students from the Parsons College in New York — fabulous, love to see kids get a break like this!  And the audience helps choose, too. Robin's dress choices

Then we have the post Oscar parties, all very secret except for the main ones.  This year I’ve been invited to a pre-Oscar party, on Friday night, for the best trailers of the year.  Harumph.  The best trailer party, at 10pm on a Hollywood rooftop, cocktail attire requested!!  First I have to stay up until 10, then I have to find a “cocktail” outfit.  Good news is it’s around the corner, so I can take a nap first.

And then, on Oscar day, as most of us aren’t invited to THE Oscar parties, everyone has mini parties at their homes.  Forms are printed out and best movies chosen by the attendees, strawberries are dressed in chocolate tuxedos, tv’s are turned on and the fun and games begin.  From the comfort of someone’s sofa!  I’m not too up-to-date on my movies this year, but am hoping for Oscars for Up in the Air with George Clooney and The Cove, a fabulous must-see docu-thriller about the slaughter of dolphins. The Cove trailer And of course Invictus!

Perhaps I’ll have time to sneak in a couple of matinees before Sunday?  Then we have the after tv shows, best watched from bed, and Barbara Walters has announced that this year is her last post-Oscar show, so let’s see how many people she can make cry on this final show!


  1. mindispower says:

    With respect, how does one become so excited about the oscars? Why not become axcited about meaningful things such as Darfur and the like? I don’t mean to be a downer, but what good do the oscars do for people that are being raped, murdered and so on? Why not cancel the Oscars and send the money that is spent on this affair to a worthy cause?

    Having said that, I respect your excitement and hope you enjoy it immensely. As for me, as in the past, I will have nothing to do with this self-indulgent charade.