A Bit About Ryan Rabin

In my last blog I mentioned briefly that GROUPLOVE is about to be huge here in the States, after only a handful of performances under their belt, they have already gone viral on the internet and people are flying in from all over the world to catch their live performances.  Starting November 6 GROUPLOVE will be opening for Florence and the Machine at a few performances and after that …….. well …… after that, we’ll simply sit back and watch my prediction come true.

Shelley, Ryan and Trevor Rabin

I thought this would be a good time to chat to Ryan Rabin (son of Trevor), who is the producer and the drummer of this fabulous band.  Ryan has quietly been building up to this moment.  I guess he was born with the music gene as he started singing, drumming and playing piano at a very young age.  I have watched him grow through various bands like The Anthem and The Outline, before heading off to the University of Southern California (USC) to learn the business of music management.  Shortly after graduation last year Ryan went to Europe on holiday with his childhood friend Andrew, and, at an artists commune in Greece, they met the other members of GROUPLOVE, Christian, Hannah and Sean.  And the rest, trust me, will be history.

Their music is uplifting, the kind you can sing along to and makes you want to add a jump into your dance steps.  It has turned me into the oldest living groupie!!  Don’t think I’m gonna find my future ex-husband at any of the concerts, but if I could spend the rest of my life at their concerts I would be in a very happy place …. and not alone.  I’d be with hundreds of other happy people.  🙂

So I asked Ryan a few questions specially for sapeople ‘cause we all know his Dad and it’s time to get to know Ryan.

Caren: Has your father’s music influenced you?

Ryan:  Yes for sure, but more in his work ethic than in any specific genre or area of music. I am always in awe of his abilities, technically and creatively, so he inspires me to apply the same kind of effort and work ethic to whatever I am interested in musically, but that is usually much different to what he’s doing these days.

Caren: Family aside, who’s your favorite musician?

Ryan: I don’t really have a favorite. I love all kinds of music so its hard to say one is better than another, but in terms of a straight up pop/rock artist/musician it would have to be a three way tie between The Beatles, Queen, and Michael Jackson… such a cliche answer but still undeniable.

Caren: What’s the best musical moment in your life so far?

Ryan: Meeting Sir George Martin was pretty cool. I’ve had some great live shows with various bands over the last few years. One highlight was back in high school, by some strange stroke of luck my former band and I played to 10,000 people in Cleveland without any prior fans or released material.

Caren:  What do you love about Los Angeles?

Ryan:  I love the people that I grew up with here. Many of them are still here, and its nice to still be close with some people that I’ve known since I was 2 years old. I think we share an understanding and appreciation for a city that most visitors maybe take for granted.

Caren:  Have you been to SA?  What’s your favorite place there?

Ryan: Yes dozens of times. I love seeing my family in Joburg and Capetown, I think Fishhoek, where my mom’s mother lives, is quaint but beautiful.

Caren:   What do you love about SA?

Ryan:  Everything… the people, the landscape, the smells, the sounds… (especially of the birds when you wake up in the morning.. the ones that you’ll never hear in Los Angeles).  But I’ve had a bit of a skewered and spoiled view of SA, when you don’t live there full time you only have time to make the best of it and expose yourself to its pros and none of its cons.

Caren: Who is your favorite cousin?  🙂

Ryan:  Caren Banks obviously  🙂


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